Day 2: Thomas Prescher

Thomas is one of those rare guys, who knows what he wants, understands the risks, and goes for it, with a confidence that is rather rare. Too much of the fine watch world is wrapped up in huge marketing budgets, fancy promotions with champagne and wine flowing. Thomas, like many of his contemporaries in the Independent Watchmaking world,  took the opposite road, the proverbial "Path less traveled".

Creating "The impossible", the first triple axis Tourbillon in a wristwatch back in 2004, also including a constant force mechanism. This concept had been shown to 3 of the big well known brands and had been offered to them if they would support it's development, after the third "No" Thomas decided to do it himself. They were received by the watchworld extremely well, and from here Thomas has developed several other unique complications for his collection.

Here is the QP1 from last year, now going into production:

This year, 2010, was to be no exception, debuting a Mysterieuse Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon watch, with the oscillating weight down at the bottom of the opening, sporting the date & month, and the hour & minute barrels up top, with a 3D moon in between. A world's first, an automatic Double Axis Tourbillon.

The gears & wheels necessary for the movement to operate are all hidden in both sides of the case, hence "Mysterieuse"! A work of genius, conceived by Thomas for those few, who are into extra-ordinary micro mechanical art/sculpture.

Here shown with the first double axis tourbillon Thomas created, a pocketwatch:

Here is a close up of the double axis tourbillon and the oscillating weight/calendar:

The other watch premiered this year, is a collaborative effort, the inspiration coming from a friend of Thomas', who wished to see if a watch could be made that would help the owner with that often forgotten task of remembering birthdays! It can be set up with 12 birthdays, the watch shows the name of the person and the date. A sub dial at 12 tells the wearer of an impending birthday approaching by the two hands that intersect when a birthday is occurring. As the hands get closer, the wearer knows to be prepared.

The gentleman & Thomas, whose inspiration spawned this piece:

And the watch:

Here is a TAT for your enjoyment, pic not from Basel though:

This reminder, in the form of stunning examples of various Tourbillons, of his amazing technical watchmaking prowess and together with the Tempus Vivendi collection, that showcase his aesthetic artistry, just go to show us that Thomas is the "real deal".

Here is another wonderful art piece, hand engraved in superb style:

I have had the tremendous fortune to get to know him over the past 3 years quite well, staying with his family on two occasions, having Thomas stay with me on one occasion and can fully attest to his compelling body of work. He is pushing the boundaries and for that we are all better off. Nothing great in this world was done by a group or committee, it usually takes a single visionary who understands the "why".