Happy New Year, a note from Tim.

Well Happy New Year to everyone.
I trust you all had as much fun as I did with my five ladies! Quite a handful is probably more accurate, but a lot of fun nonetheless. We celebrated New Years Eve with family friends with a whole bunch of kiddies, and danced till 1am!

The reason I mention this, is as a firm reminder of how blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving family members and know that, putting everything else aside for a moment, this is a very important aspect of my existence and something I wanted to share with you. I consider my role, with you my friends, one of long term mutual benefit, and that means being real, honest and true, as I don't think it works otherwise.

Last year I read a book that resonated massively with me, then in October I got to hear the author, Simon Sinek, speak live at the Hearts On Fire University that I usually attend annually. I met him and had the rare opportunity to acknowledge him personally for the benefit he gave me. This isn't always possible to do, acknowledging those around you that provide benefit and help in this journey, so I feel very fortunate.
The book is called "Start with Why" and I highly recommend everyone read it. For me it really helped clarify my focus personally and professionally, which is important as I tend to need a prod every now and then to keep me on course.

I know why I am doing what I'm doing and I hope to make it clear to everyone else. I love helping these amazing artisan watchmakers and clients discover each other, to each other's mutual benefit. I find it compelling, the work they do, and know that others will also. I have spent my life gaining knowledge of diamonds & gemstones, period jewelry, precious metals and horology, so that I'm prepared as a professional to help, guide and gain the trust of my friends and clients when it comes to advising them on acquisitions, or even selling their items. I strive for business vendor relations only with those that subscribe to similar viewpoints I have in terms of completely taking care of the end user, as ultimately, it is my relationship and trust that is on the line every time I buy or sell or even recommend an item to a friend/client.

I take my role seriously (although I do like to be light hearted and have fun too) and thank you for your support over the years, many of you have been connected in one way or other for almost 10 years, others less than a year. I wish you all much happiness in 2011 and look forward to a great year helping everyone find something beneficial, be it a watch, a new found relationship with a watchmaker, a fabulous custom piece of jewelry housing stunning gemstones or just a place to stop in and share an espresso and talk about watches, jewels or anything for that matter.