Baselworld Day 2-the short mostly

Back at it for day 2. Having seen yesterday, some stunning small Independent creations, I thought I was mostly done, and it would be some of the bigger Independents pieces that wow me. Well they did, Messrs Claret and the guys behind MDT, however I was not ready for the amazing work done by one of the truly great guys in the watchworld, Martin Braun.

Martin's story is a somewhat common one in watchmaking circles, long but suffice to say, his latest creation in fantastic.

this caliber is amazing, note te massive balance wheel:

a new truly handmade curved watch, by Eva Leube

OK, now I can finish Day 2. Here is the extraordinary mystery automatic Tourbillon movement from Thomas Prescher...

And the latest iteration of the Maitres Du Temps chapter 2, a WG piece with a lovely blue dial.

On the wrist...

I have to say the weather has been great so far.

The fascinating Ressence, not haute horology by any standards, but a wonderful way of telling time with interconnected discs. The designer is a great guy and has a compelling concept.

Now to Haute Horology, the much anticipated inhouse caliber from Kari Voutilainen, the Vingt-8.

And Christophe Claret's latest tongue in cheek mechanical "Black Jack", it shuffles & deals cards to you and a dealer, with amazing results, and the mechanism, while having nothing to do with traditional watchmaking, is a stroke of genius. This version has a darkened sapphire crystal dial, so that one can see the card wheels underneath.

And the back side, showing the roulette wheel rotor.

More to come later.....