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Peter's visit to Passion Wednesday June 23rd.

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We hosted a small dinner here in the store, catered by our friend and restaurateur extraordinaire, Dan Sbica of Del Mar. Peter brought with him several of his new pieces with the SM2 caliber he has developed.

We enjoyed some lovely wine and food, and had a chance for Peter to speak a little about why he does what he does. Compelling stuff...

Peter being quizzed by an avid watch connoisseur...

Gary and guests enjoying a pre-dinner bevy:

The table set for dinner...

A Speake-Marin Piccadilly owner meeting Peter for the first time:

How do I get Arabics on one of these new caliber pieces???

Thank you to Peter for spending some of his precious time with us. After 6 years of friendship and business, I'd say we make quite a good team, and I'm honored to continue representing Peter's work her on the West Coast, now in Southern CA. Hope to see more familiar faces soon.



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