Passion is honored to host Roger Smith, English watchmaker.

We are thrilled to have Roger visit us on July 27th for an exhibition of his work. Roger is based on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. Probably most famous for it's motorcycle races around the island on the road course, it also houses arguably the greatest living watchmaker, Sir George Daniels. Roger apprenticed with Daniels prior to creating his own workshop, and also collaborated with him on the Daniels Millennium wristwatch, a series of 50 pieces housing the Daniels Co-axial escapement.

With his roots firmly entrenched in the English style of watchmaking, I was fascinated to learn from Roger 3 years ago when I first met him, that he has never worked or even studied watchmaking in Switzerland. I had the huge fortune to have Roger join John McGonigle and I for lunch in Basel in '07, where we spent an hour getting to know each other in the slightly more relaxed environment of a meal than a pre-arranged appointment. Over a beer and food real progress is made getting to know a person! Self taught & mentored by Daniels, Roger is a very rare find in the Independent Watchmaking world. Designing everything himself, and making 95% of the components in his workshop, his Series 2 wristwatches are a delight to behold. Creating only 8-10 watches a year, eager buyers are assured of a completely handmade English style timepiece in the tradition of classical English watchmaking.

Roger uses the Daniels co-axial escapement, and finishes each watch to the exacting specifications of the clients wishes. Several dial and hand variations exist. I was fortunate to see 2 pieces, one with a gorgeous hand engraved dial the other with the hand guilloche silver dial, in Basel 2 years ago.

This is the rose gold version with hand guilloched 7 layer dial:

They are absolutely stunning in person, and I can say with no reservation, that a connoisseur of fine watchmaking ought to really consider acquiring one. Roger's work is unique in it's English style and considering the contributions to watchmaking that Brit's have made over the past 250 years, I feel an important link with that tradition. For those of you with plenty of patience, a commissioned piece might be something to consider. Roger will work with a client to design and make a unique watch, to specifications of the clients wishes. The classic traditional complications such as chronographs, perpetual calendars etc. plus some rare additions such as detent escapements & grand sonneries. Here is a piece with a tourbillon escapement:

I invite you to come by and meet Roger in person and view his extra-ordinary work. We are hosting a small dinner the previous night, Monday 26th. Space is limited, so please RSVP to if interested in attending.