Roger W. Smith, master watchmaker and lovely man...

Last weekend we were graced with Roger & Caroline's appearance in Solana Beach. A couple of watch enthusiast dinner's later and a breakfast, and we were up to speed with the goings on in the Isle of Man from a horological perspective. Amazing creations are coming out of the Roger W. Smith workshop, and I'm excited to show a couple of new pieces.

For those of you not familiar with the Isle of Man, it is an island in the the middle of the Irish Sea, most well known as the venue for one of the world's great motorcycle road races held in May-June annually, the Isle of Man TT races, where riders hurtle around this island at breakneck speeds approaching 200mph on a road course! 37+ miles of mountainous roads with all the trimmings of a quiet back country lane; read potholes, uneven roads, telephone poles, stone walls alongside the road, etc etc. Not for the faint of heart!

Check this out!

Anyway, here is the meat & potatoes of Roger's visit, pictures:

Roger & Caroline chatting with a friend of Passion:

Roger says a few words between courses:

A unique commissioned 42mm RG Flying Tourbillon Grand Date with Daniels Co-axial escapement:

Beautiful & traditional English style 3/4 plate and finishing; frosted plates & bridges, screwed gold chatons, hand blued screws and stunning black polishing of steel parts.

This is a new piece from Roger, the Open Dial Series 2 in rose gold. Executed to show the finishing even under the dial. This is a dramatic piece!

And possibly the most exciting new development from Roger in terms of technical advances, his improvement to the Daniels Co-Axial escapement, the so-called Single Wheeled Co-Axial escapement:

Here I am pictured with Roger and Caroline out front as they head north to continue their US tour to the East coast, where they will treat collectors to the joys we have just experienced. A big thank you to the Smiths for their visit, we look forward to your next one!