Peter Speake-Marin Launches the "Marin 2, Thalassa"...

Here is Peter's latest creation, his stunning 42mm manual wind 18k WG latest Piccadilly cased work of art. Limited to only 30 pieces, he has gone to new design and style depth not seen before in his work, with the use of a synthetic sapphire crystal dial to reveal the inner working and superb finishing of the SM2 caliber.

We'll let the pictures from Peter reveal all; first up the beautiful SM2 manual wind:

The thinnest Piccadilly case yet, at 12mm, it will please those that prefer a thinner looking watch on the wrist...

Here is the first piece cased and ready for show and tell:

And finally the view one will see from the front if you are one of the lucky 30 who gets to own one.

I have to say I am reserving final judgement until I see it in the flesh, as the aesthetic is not to my more classical style, however as always, the fit and finish is stunning and as a sucker for blue, I will probably really love it when I see it!

Stay tuned for live pictures when it here the 27th.