Honored once again by horological genius, Peter Speake-Marin visits Passion

Monday afternoon the 27th, a flurry of activity preceded Peter's visit to Solana Beach, CA. I prepared aspects of our store for the caterers and moved a several pieces of furniture to accommodate the 12 guests who joined us for an evening of wristwatch collector heaven. As we have done in the past, we gather for half an hour or so to enjoy a glass of vino and meet each other, familiarising ourselves once again with each others watches or learning about new pieces. Peter holds court with his new addition to the Marin series, the Marin 2 Thalassa, a manual wind version of his SM2 caliber.

Friends enjoying fellowship in comfort, wristwatches and a book signing by Peter!

This is a highly anticipated variation of the amazing SM2 caliber. The case is in 18k WG and works beautifully with the blue steel dial sporting the romans. Now many of you who have followed my journey with Peter going back 6 years, will know my penchant for classical enamel dials typically with roman numerals, so would probably assume I love this watch, I don't. This is not to say I dislike it, far from it; it is a stunning example of the horological art form that Peter has displayed so much expertise in, as both a mechanical wizard and a tremendous designer.

Everyone was fascinated by Peter's "On the fly" photography skills...or was it the 1 in 20 red gold QP??? That evening I found out that one of his duties while at Renaud Papi was company photographer way back when, other than working on tourbillons and minute repeaters!

The Marin 2 Thalassa is just is not quite to my aesthetic, I suppose "too busy"  would be my off the cuff comment. Now having said that, there is much to commend Peter about with this piece and many of you will absolutely love it when seeing it in person, in fact I know the two chaps who acquired numbers 1 & 2, and they are seasoned well respected aficionados of most things horological, particularly when it comes to the world of Independent watchmaking. They obviously love this piece!

Inspecting it up close, an existing Piccadilly owner, gains that precious moment of handling a rare micro-mechanical marvel...

A smattering of Peter's work, the Ti Marin 1 Mark 2 can be seen on a fun military style nylon strap, that Peter says is great for wearing during travelling, especially around the world, lower profile!

The SM2m movement is sublime and one can view the finely finished with circular graining German Silver plates and bridges, together with the other classical elements, lovely anglage and a small spattering of perlage around the balance wheel. Peter has designed this caliber with longevity in mind, and as a nod to his huge respect of the previous generations of master watchmakers has designed the caliber for ease of regulation & maintenance.

Enjoying another guest's watch before we sit down to break bread.

So now to the piece you've been waiting for, I'll let the pictures do the talking, so please enjoy...

Front view again:

Some other fun angles:

Close up of that seconds wheel fashioned after the watchmaker's topping tool design, found as the tourbillon cage on his Foundation pocketwatch, the inspiration for the wristwatch collection of Peter's:

Now to the lovely SM2m caliber:

A close up showing the anglage and circular graining:

And finally on the wrist:

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I will let you decide. I like it a lot, but don't love it! That of course might change over time...

In closing, I take my hat off to Peter for daring to create what he wants, rather than towing the corporate line found in the big brand watchmakers. This in essence is what differentiates the Independent Watchmaker, the ability and willingness to create their own path. Thank you Peter for spending time with us, you have a crazy schedule and we want our watches sooner than later, so I know the toll your travel time takes on you personally and professionally.