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Thomas Prescher to visit Passion in Solana Beach, Feb. 25th

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A rare opportunity to meet Thomas, presents itself next month, Saturday February 25th to be exact, when he is making a whirlwind visit to southern CA, to present several of his extra-ordinary timepieces to collectors and aficionados of the world of micro-mechanical horological artistry...
Thomas was the first one of a very small group of highly skilled artisan watchmakers who was able to create a triple axis flying tourbillon wristwatch. He pre-dated Greubel-Forsey, JLC, Aaron Becsei or any of the others. In fact he proposed his design to several of the mainstream big manufacturers, and after the third one, his former employer, turned him down saying it wasn't possible, he decided to do it himself. The technology involved in the final execution is quite amazing, even the relatively simple looking polished Ti ring holding the tourbillon, had to be made in-house, after Thomas figured out how to polish a concave surface...

Please join us on Saturday 25th, during the day to meet Thomas and see what he has been creating in Twann, Switzerland these past years. I can attest to it being quite extra-ordinary!



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