The latest from our friends in Austria, the Habring Doppel 2.0

Well, our first production Doppel 2.0 arrived yesterday from Maria & Richard. I was eagerly anticipating the arrival as we had the prototype of the split second chronograph here last year when they visited us at Passion and I loved it then. Fast forward to Basel in March this year, they only showed pictures on a computer, they weren't exhibiting, so our meeting was brief, but productive. In the pictures they revealed a slight change from the prototype, a change of position for the split second pusher, from 8 o'clock up to 10 o'clock.
This change was explained by them as an improvement in operation due to the occasional pushing of both chrono start/stop pusher at 2 o'clock and the split pusher in the old design! Not ideal.
A reminder of the Proto:

Anyway, all in all, it is a tremendous piece and I am desperately attempting to get two more as we have sold our initial allocation. They are expanding their usual 12 per model a year rule to 20, as this is the 20 year anniversary of the original design and patent of the split second chronograph mechanism that Richard designed for IWC when he worked there. It was used in the famed IWC Doppelchronograph and their lovely Portuguieser Split chrono.

Patiently waiting for it to come off patent, obviously not wanting to tangle with Richemont's ample legal department, March this year saw that occur and so in preparation, they started creating a new model for the Habring² line, meanwhile improving the original design with the 20 years of experience since then.

Here is the blue dialed version, available with three differing dials, the blue has to be the most popular, and so far sold 2:1 over the brown. At $8300, I think it represents a tremendous value. Knowing the pedigree and talent of the Habring² team, I think this is one of the more compelling pieces I've seen in several years. If I can get 2 more, they will almost certainly be blue too!

Sorry no wrist shots, as this is now on it's new owners wrist and I didn't want to even strap it on, to keep it perfect for him!

The manual wind caliber from Habring²

And the latest piece, pictured here with a new camera set up!

The classical dial side.

And again here is the lovely hand wound caliber with the Habring² split second chronograph mechanism blued in order to stand out.

And finally, the rather more rare execution with the grey dial.