A Finnish dive watch, the Korono K0, all steel...

Stepan Sarpaneva is a fantastic artisan watchmaker, plying his craft in Helsinki. Emanating from a family of artists, he could only create watches unlike anyone else. This latest version of the Korona K0 is subtle yet not. The superluminova in white against the steel "grate" design of the dial makes for easy reading of the time. His clever use of the crown operated uni-directional dive timing bezel is a neat feature.

With the watch comes a whimsical story by Stepan about the legend of the "Ruler of Water" that is illustrated and printed on coasters for the owners enjoyment. Also, it comes with a hand made wooden box by another artisan friend of Stepan's in Finland. These watches are not for everyone, style wise they reflect Stepan's view of the world and his take on haute horology as a micro mechanical art form. He has worked for others in the past, but now chooses the path less taken, that of his own. As I always say, it takes guts and real conviction to to go this route. Not for the faint of heart! Without further ado, here are the pictures:

Here are the not often seen parts showing the details:

The buckle, both brushed and high polished.