We are very excited to announce a visit by Martin Braun, founder of Antoine Martin.

October 6th, 2012, Passion has the great pleasure of hosting Martin Braun, the Master Watchmaker previously of the eponymous company Martin Braun. Like many of his colleagues in the Independent Watchmaking world, they lose the ability to make watches under their own name once attaching themselves to a large corporate brand. With the help of a Swiss businessman by the name of Antoine Meier, hence the new company name, and the ever resourceful and energetic Bruno Jufer, who as CEO, runs the business side of things, Martin is once again free to design and create his vision of a mechanical watch.

I previewed their first model in Basel 2011, a powerful looking Perpetual Calendar with a big date and a massive balance wheel, cased in either a white gold or a rose gold technically complex modern case. The vertical calendar Day and Month indicators are a neat variation and the big date at 6 o'clock is easy to read.

The rose gold version with black dial.

Here one can see the massive balance wheel!

This year in Basel they showed a new model, which added a Flying Tourbillon to this caliber. Martin decided upon a regulator style dial this time, and a retro grade date replaces the big date.

The silicium anchor and escape wheel are visible in this shot.

The RG Version

Again the silicium anchor and escape wheel in the tourbillon.

He will be at Passion Fine Jewelry, here in Solana Beach for Saturday October 6th. For a private appointment, please contact me.