Habring² Watches

HABRING² is Richard & Maria. The world's smallest manufacturer, based in southern Austria where Richard hails from. Richard has created many complications for some of the well known "big brands" in his previous professional career, but now is creating watches with Maria for a select group of collectors.

Possibly best known is the split-second chronograph complication Richard developed for IWC while working under the late Gunter Blumlein. This is found in the famous Dopple chrono and also the Portuguiser Split chrono. He was also asked to add a tourbillon to the already existing grand complication movement in order to create the movement for the Il Destrio Scafusia, IWC's most complicated watch ever. Part of the technical development team for the Lange 1 tourbillon, he has also built custom made Tourbillon watches for private collectors over the years.

He is well known in watch manufacturing circles for being a guy to go to when needing to have a technical problem sorted out. HABRING² watches represent a collaboration between Maria and Richard, and they can only make up to 200 watches a year in order to maintain quality control and their sense of the watchmaking art. The introduction of their fully in-house manufacture caliber the A11B, found within the Felix offers collectors a tremendous value whilst ensuring their independence from Swatch Group, with the ETA movements parts restrictions. This base caliber has been designed to accommodate many other complications going forward. 

Their Doppel 3.0 Chronograph, a splits seconds chrono, continues to excite collectors and it's latest version released in late 2017 is now the Doppel-Felix, representing the fully inhouse caliber.