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Sarpaneva Watches

Stepan Sarpaneva is one of those gifted artists who has found his niche in mechanical watchmaking. Imbued with a certain design sense, possibly coming from his family, he has created some stunning work up in Helsinki, Finland. He formally trained in Switzerland where he honed his skills in several complications departments of leading brands and Independents (Vianney Halter) then returned to his native Finland to build his career as artisan watchmaker. In recent years he has found quite a following in the Independent Watchmaker collector circles and recently collaborated with Max Busser of MB&F, on a decidedly Sarpaneva version of his Horological Machine 3.

Stepan's fascination with Finnish lore and the amazing long winter nights with the moon, has caused him to develop quite a wonderful series of moonphase watches. Finally this year, 2012, he debuts a sports watch, a so called executive dive watch with an internal dive bezel and a rubber strap, the K0 Korona. His work is not for everyone, due to the design, but those that appreciate his designs, love his work and are happy clients for life!

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