Thomas Prescher Watches

Thomas likes a challenge. He designed the first ever Triple Axis Flying Tourbillon with Constant Force wristwatch. He then attempted to sell the concept to 3 of the well known large watch brands. Each one told him basically the same, "Can't be done". Well to Thomas that's when he realised he must create his form of micro-mechanical art for himself and those few who appreciate and understand it.

He designed the Triple Axis first, figuring it would be easier to then design the Double Axis Flying Tourbillon and the Single Axis Flying Tourbillon. When I first met Thomas, he had created a Double Axis Flying Tourbillon pocketwatch that he was showing in Basel, but no wristwatches as of that show. Only 1 year later, he presented the Trilogy, A complete set of platinum cased Flying Tourbillons, a single, a double & the amazing Triple Axis. It was at this show I realised I was witnessing something truly extra-ordinary and made a mental note to figure out a way to work with Thomas in some capacity.

Since then he has expanded his body of work to include several other amazing models, culminating this year in the self-winding Double Axis Mystery Tourbillon. Again a world's first in terms of being self-winding, and his idea of using the rectangular case to house the remainder of the watch movement is brilliant.

Thomas is a gentleman, who has a clear sense of why he does what he does. No marketing BS here, just tremendous talent and passion, a common trait in these amazing Independent Watchmakers. Compelling stuff.