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Christiaan Van der Klaauw Astrolabium Watch - CVDK

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An extremely rare 18K White Gold Christiaan Van der Klaauw Astrolabium Watch.

This is the pinnacle of Christiaan's watchmaking to date. His most complicated wristwatch features a complication only found to my knowledge on this watch and the rather more famous Ulysse Nardin watch known by the same name. The complexity of the 2D representations of what is essentially a 3D Astrolabe is quite something and much admired by afficianados of astronomical complications in wristwatches.

Case Diameter: 38mm

This 18k WG watch shows a variety of information, the true solar noon, the sunrise and sunset, the moonphase and whether or not there is a solar or lunar eclips happening somewhere on earth. Not to mention the current time and the approximate date!It comes with all original boxes and papers and is in mint condition. The dial is set up for the latitude of Los Angeles.

The outside hour ring is detailed with diamonds at the half hour markers.

Approximate replacement value: $55,000.

The exhibition back reveals the lovely hand engraving of Mr. Benzinger.  Watch has had only one owner and comes with all original boxes   and papers from the original owner.


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