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Estate Speake-Marin Ti Spirit Wing Commander Blue Watch

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This watch has it's inspiration from Peter's time in London, whilst he was working and restoring old wristwatches and pocket watches from the past masters. He particularly liked an aviator watch from the 40's, so decided one day to make his own version. Well here it is!


Spirit: Fight, Love & Persevere


The Spirit Wing Commander is a neat watch cased in 42mm titanium featuring a Big Date at 12 and a neat power reserve indicator. What remains the same is the message that Spirit conveys. True to its name, the Wing Commander retains the Pioneer’s rousing and resonant call to action through the inspirational motto “Fight, Love & Persevere” engraved on the case-back.


New dial:


The Spirit Wing Commander's three-dimensional, one-piece dial features refined numerals and hour markers in white Super-LumiNova that contrasts superbly against the light-absorbing matte black. The resulting indications are eminently legible and present a fresh, clean sophistication.The dial is as demanding to produce as an enamel dial, involving a cutting-edge technique. The first step is to create a three-dimensional mold of the multi-level dial elements including hour and minute markers, numerals, railroad chapter ring, Speake-Marin logo and topping-tool motif, as well as the Spirit title. This ‘male’ mold is used to make a negative, or ‘female’, mold in which lacquer and Super-LumiNova masks are successively applied, ensuring the right materials and colors are in the correct places. When set, the one-piece dial face is removed from the mold and bonded to a traditional dial plate.


 In mint condition, having been worn very sparingly, with all correct Boxes & papers. Orig. sale date Aug. 2016 from AD in USA.

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