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Keaton Myrick 1 in 30 Series Watch

Product Description


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The initial watch from Keaton. A small series of 30 pieces to be made over the course of several years. His own design caliber and made and finished by his own hands in Oregon, it is currently cased in a SS 42mm "off the shelf" Fricker case. There is a Keaton Myrick case designed and soon to be released later in 2016.

Beautifully hand finished caliber, with classic haute horology hallmarks of black polished steel parts, jeweled chaton, anglage (bevelling) of the German Silver plates and bridges and his own design balance wheel within a stunningly hand finished steel balance wheel bridge.

Customizable dial & movement finishing available, and the possibility of hand guilloche/engine turning on the dial. All work done in the USA by skilled craftsmen, dedicated to the art of haute horology.

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