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McGonigle Tuscar Banu Watch

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McGonigle Tuscar Watch

John & Stephen McGonigle are two brothers originally from Athlone on the River Shannon in the middle of Ireland. They both attended a now defunct watchmaking school in Dublin prior to attending the prestigious WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland.

Once qualified they were quickly hired in a variety of capacities at several differing manufactures, quickly gaining skills and reputations as very good watchmakers. Each of them was hired later on by Christophe Claret to help design, prototype &  work on highly complicated minute repeaters, tourbillons, Westminster chiming automaton minute repeaters, etc. In other words they made themselves invaluable artisans, who to this day, while creating their own watches, still provide the necessary skills on a sub-contract type of arrangement to specialist manufacturers, when needed.

Their first watch, a sublime Tourbillon, was developed over several years and had it's debut in 2006. I was lucky enough to be visiting John & Stephen in Ireland that July, when the first one was presented to it's new owner. What a treat! Since then a couple of other dial variations have been shown with the main barrel bridge being black Rhodiumed.

Just prior to Basel 2010, the long awaited new watch, the "Tuscar" which will sport their own designed caliber, was announced to an eager watch collecting world. A double barreled beauty with a semi-skeletonised movement which reveals much of the inner workings to it's wearer. Built to outlast it's creators, the lucky few who will get to acquire one, will I think be extremely happy to own a piece of work by John & Stephen.

This is the next series limited to 20 pieces, cased in 18K RG with a semi-skeletonised sapphire crystal dial above the hand finished circular grained German Silver mainplate. Their slow beat balance wheel oscillates at 18,000vph and is revealed dial side at 6 o'clock.

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