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Romain Gauthier 18K WG LOGICAL One Watch

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Romain Gauthier's amazing new watch, that propels him more into the rarified world of top end Independent Watchmakers. This tour de force, is a micro mechanical engineering marvel featuring several never been done before complications, that aid in efficiency and mechanical superiority. The first is the use of a fussee jewelled chain with a cam for a constant torque mechanism and the second is a ratchet winding system for the synthetic sapphire sided main spring barrel. These features of the winding and mainspring help in reducing friction, a watchmaking nemesis! Add to this the exceedingly high level of traditional hand finishing found in the Vallee de Joux and one is presented with a superlative piece.

Presented here in pictures the platinum case with optional white enamel dial. It is also available in 18K WG with the gold frosted bridges and the option of a guilloche dial. The platinum was limited to only 20pcs and is sold out. The WG variant is available to order. 

Also available in a Titanium case with a variety of dial options.

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