Adriatic Sea Sugarloaf Cabachon Blue Sapphire and 2 Cadillac Diamond Side Stones


Proximity to the ocean is believed to have a positive effect on mental health by reducing stress, depression and anxiety. The sea breeze rebalances the serotonin levels that cause feelings of happiness and wellness.

The ocean places us in a very unique state of ‘awe.’ The emotion of awe invokes feelings of a connection to something beyond oneself, a sense of the vastness of the world and how we relate to it all.

When we experience that feeling of awe, we feel a deeper sense of connection to ourselves, the world around us, and those we share the moment with. It shifts us from a place of ‘me,’ to a place of ‘we.’ It’s no coincidence that many of life’s most romantic moments take place by the water, and that we hold important ceremonies by water.

Both in life and in death, we gather by the water in community whenever we can. This special feeling of connectivity that comes from the ocean has been scientifically proven to temper the ego, make us more compassionate, increase our sense of gratitude and make us more generous human beings.

Adriatic Sea Sugarloaf Cabachon Blue Sri Lankan Sapphire 7.22ct and 2 cadillac diamond side stones 0.71ctw E/VS1 ring in platinum/18K YG

GIA#1226283357 Heated

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