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Hi, I'm Janna

For over two decades, my journey in the world of fine jewelry has been a profound exploration of my passion for creating lasting moments. It's not just about the diamonds or the exquisite craftsmanship; it's about the emotional resonance that a carefully chosen piece can hold. Working alongside my daughter, Dylan, at Passion Fine Jewelry, transcends the professional realm—it's a shared journey that adds a unique and personal touch to every creation.

What ignites my soul is the joy of curating and crafting pieces that go beyond adornment; they're enchanting tokens that make women feel truly special. From my own creations to the thoughtfully selected brands like Hearts on Fire and Alex Sepkus in our collection, each piece is a symbol of elegance and emotion. In every jewelry creation, I find the opportunity to infuse a bit of magic, turning them into more than mere accessories but into moments that linger in the hearts of those who wear them. With a vast experience in the industry, my commitment to transforming moments into enduring memories continues to be the driving force behind my love for this timeless craft.

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