Sapphire Rainfall Bracelet


Introducing the "Sapphire Rainfall Bracelet" – a mesmerizing fusion of elegance and allure! Adorned with 28.16 carats of captivating blue sapphires and 0.49 carats of sparkling diamonds, all set in 18K white gold, it's a statement of refined style.


Crafted over 9 months, these sapphires are like hidden treasures, untouched and radiating natural beauty. Only a small fraction of sapphires discovered possess this untouched brilliance.

Wear this bracelet and feel the calm, serenity, and spiritual connection it brings. Its deep blue hue embodies loyalty, faith, and unwavering devotion, making it the ultimate symbol of love. The "Sapphire Rainfall Bracelet" is an invitation to own a piece of nature's wonder. Experience the magic for yourself!

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