Lang & Heyne Watches

Marco Lang loves to make elegant traditional timepieces using time honored techniques handed down from his forefathers. As a 5th generation watchmaker Marco is his element and by his own words, most happy when at his bench working on one of his lovely creations.
Lang & Heyne was begun by two talented watchmakers, Marco Lang & Mirko Heyne, after only a year developing and making their first few watches, Mirko left to pursue other avenues in the watch industry, and Marco remained where his heart lead him. Since then Marco has created some of the most elegant timepieces, using fired enamel dials and classic designs within his interpretations of a wristwatch for the current times. Large diameter watches by traditional standards, at 43.5mm and a bit bigger, until his release now over 5 years ago of the Konrad at 39.4mm, has enabled Marco to design watches with a presence, yet still keep elegant lines and classic proportions with regards to balance and symmetry.
The in-house calibers are all finished in the traditional Saxon method, which stems from early English pocketwatches. A guilt frosted finish on the plates and bridges, together with a hand engraved balance cock. The elegant and traditional swans neck fine regulateur for the balance wheel, black polished cap for the escape wheel jewel & screwed gold chatons finish off these beautiful movements.