About Us

We believe in family.

We believe in celebrating life.
We believe in laughter.

We believe in truth.  
We believe in inspiring.  
We believe in supporting the art of Independent Watchmaking.

We believe in loving our clients.
We believe in making decisions you will love for years.

We believe diamonds are magic.
We believe in the "wow factor".
We believe a Hearts On Fire diamond can change your life.
We believe in connecting with people.  
We believe in letting people in.

We believe in working together.....
to create something much greater than what either of us could do alone.
We believe in passion.

We believe in creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere here in Solana Beach, in sunny southern California, without the mystery and typical angst many suffer when entering a new jeweler for the first time. We strive to create extra-ordinary jewels for clients and source superb gemstones as well as the world's most perfectly cut diamonds, Hearts On Fire. The source for Independent Watchmaking, we represent many of the worlds finest independent artisanal watchmakers. Having worked in this narrow field & being the initial importer into the USA for Speake-Marin (2003), Lang & Heyne (2004) and HABRING² (2005), now for over seventeen years, we've developed a great following with collectors of Independent Watchmaking. Representing Laine, Kudoke, Thomas Prescher, Romain Gauthier, McGonigle, Grönefeld, Sarpaneva, Vianney Halter, Paul Gerber, Roger Smith, Pita Barcelona and recently Keaton Myrick. We are keen to connect collectors with these amazing Independent Watchmaking artisans.

Having spent over 30 years learning about diamonds, colored gems, antique/period jewelry and fine timepieces, we believe in doing it a bit differently. Sharing that passion with our friends and clients, helping making new-comers feel comfortable in our place of business and earning one's trust, is why we do what we do. Our reputation for fair dealing keeps clients coming back and referring friends & family.

Attending the annual trade shows such as Baselworld in Switzerland for the past 20+ years, the Tucson Gem show & the JCK trade show in Las Vegas, keeps us informed of the latest gemstone, jewelry and timepiece trends.

Our trade connections allow us access to many of the greatest pieces on offer today.  We do this because it can be a minefield trying to buy a quality, fairly priced piece of jewelry. With our combined years in the jewelry world, we can help you find the perfect jewel or timepiece, deliver what we promise and make an experience you will cherish.


We have a passion for great diamonds, gorgeous jewelry and superb watches; let us make you comfortable in the process of discovering something perfect for you. Providing friendly customer service is our key in satisfying our long list of pleased clients.

Passion Fine Jewelry is a full service jeweler, providing clients with a range of services regarding repairs, custom made jewelry and restoration. We are always up to date on the latest trends in jewelry and watches. We understand and recognize the value of any antique or period piece of old family jewelry. For this reason, we also offer period jewelry restoration.

We have come up with a new store concept with which to help clients find the right piece of jewelry or timepiece. Servicing our clients in the best way possible, welcoming new faces into our world. Our combined expertise allows us to help with almost any fine jewelry or timepiece need or want.

Please stop in and see for yourself our rare fine Independent Watchmaker works of micro-mechanical horological art, our custom made Passion Collection jewels, Alex Sepkus' wonderful world of hand crafted jewelry and Hearts On Fire diamonds.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Warm regards,

Tim, Janna & Brandon