Dear Janna,
What a unique journey and relationship we have experienced with you. From a very remarkable one of a kind engagement ring for an even more remarkable "Jewel" of a love story, such as ours~to a classic pearl necklace. We are grateful and pleased to work with you on these personal pieces. They are stunning and one day will be handed down to our children and our children's children.
Cate & Rick
March 5th, 2020
Hi Janna!!  

Thank you for the anniversary wishes!!  I apologize for the late response, hope you enjoyed the holidays & had some time to relax with your family!! We had a nice anniversary, took a walk on the beach & enjoyed our special bottle of champagne from you!! Thanks so much!

I wanted to share a few pics with you & say THANK YOU again for my rings!!  I absolutely LOVE them & they just make me smile!!    

Hope to see you soon (WOW what a difference it makes when they are freshly cleaned!!)

Happy 2018!!

Kim & Dan

Jan 5th, 2018




LOVE LOVE LOVE my diamond bangles. EXACTLY what i envisioned and wanted!

You da best! thank you! Total surprise!! was wondering why you hadn’t called me lately about it! LOL!


Heather S.

May 17th, 2016


The piece arrived. It's a beautifully simple little machine that I hope to wear for years. Thanks too for the extra strap. 

I'll be sure to share the Habring story as well as that of Passion Fine as friends or colleagues see the watch in the days ahead. 

Best to you!

Frank Z.

March 24th, 2016




I sent a one word text yesterday, but as I’ve not texted you before, I don’t know whether you received it, beautiful.
I am pleased.  I was going to ask several redundant questions—invoice, price, dial material, etc.—but I was able to refresh my aging memory from our email chain.  I knew there was a reason I like the written word.  And, although it sounds absurd (shows how deeply down the collecting rabbit hole I’ve fallen): now that I have the Heinrich in hand, well is seems rather a good bargain for the price.  Shush! Don’t tell my watch guy, he might need future funds… I’ve still got to take some pictures (the setup is always a chore) for my records.  But making the requisite entry in to my tracking database reminded me of what a good decision this was.  May have to provide it with a brother…but not yet.
Again, thank you for letting me become a part of this world.


Aug 14th, 2015



She was BLOWN AWAY!  You freaking killed it!  Thanks so much. It is truly unique and gorgeous.

Glenn C.

Nov 25th, 2014


Well we are finally back in town from the UK and i am an engaged man!  Dana was absolutely surprised and stunned, and could not believe the ring.  She did not believe it was her grandmas stone at first because of how incredible it looked.  The way it was shining and she thought it just looked so much bigger since it was set so well by you.  She was just so shocked at everything and said the ring was perfect.  So i wanted to thank you again for all the work and help with everything.  I am so pleased with how everything turned out.  I'm sure we will stop by sometime next week because i know Dana wanted to come by and chat to you a little.  And of course we will be doing our bands with you also!
thanks again and hope your family trip went well,


Aug 10th, 2013


Look how gorgeous on my hand!
This stunning timepieces now landed in Sarawak, Borneo (land of hornbill).
The sizes matching my wrist perfectly!
Look at those sparkling shinning SS body & bezel with super finishing is just amazing!
I Love It.



Feb 8th, 2013




'I am head over heels with my new Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars. It's an absolute masterpiece.  Dress or casual, this watch is a stunner ... Like nothing else on Earth or even perhaps the Moon.  Sarpaneva's creativity and craftsmanship are second to none, and being able to order a truly bespoke timepiece from an independent watchmaker, at a price a normal person can afford -- and from Finland! -- is a real privilege and pleasure.  

Doug W.
July 8th, 2012


Just opened the envelope I had dropped into my purse. Loved your card, my friend, and so thoughtful of you  to give us a gift card to Sbicca's. It used to be one of our favorite restaurants when we lived in North County. I'm sure we will enjoy it after one of our visits to Passion! Your store name reminds me of you! It is your "passion" to put huge smiles in your customer's faces!

Thank you again, my friend!

June 9, 2012






Janna is a no nonsense expert in quality jewelry. You can find nothing as fine as what her store offers anywhere else in San Diego. I have always enjoyed doing business with her and am proud to wear all the jewelry I have bought from her.

Cynthia G.
May 22, 2012




Janna....Holy Crap!!!! I LOVE my ring!!!!!! Can't thank-you enough...first for zoning in on my taste EXACTLY!! and for being the wonderful sales person you are!!  Few people can use the "m" word (manipulation) without being "found out"....as a team we all work well together!! 
Thanks for everything! The stone looks just beautiful as you said it would and it fits perfectly.
Another VERY satisfied customer!
Debbie W
July 14, 2011



Just got the watch. Yummy!!! I can’t thank you enough and I can’t wait to work with you again.
Yours truly,

M K, Dubai
September 23rd, 2010




It has been such a pleasure working with Janna over the last nine years.  As soon as I enter the store I am met with a smile and am always made to feel so welcome. The process of buying diamonds, watches and designing custom pieces with Janna is so much fun and I feel confident that I am buying the best.  I love everything I have purchased from Janna and receive many compliments on my jewelry.

Susan, San Diego, CA


"I have known Janna for many years and have always been delighted with my purchases which are of excellent quality. She is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of diamonds which have always been her expertise. She helped me create the most beautiful eternity ring which is unique.I recommend her to help anyone looking for a genuine honest deal in diamonds."
S.D.Lampitt- Rancho Santa Fe, CA


"My husband & I have been purchasing diamond jewelery from Janna for 7 years and we have never been disappointed.  Janna is what I would call a "diamond whiz." She not only has the unique sense of  matching a diamond to your exact needs and wants, but she also matches the perfect diamond to your personality as well.  She has created diamond jewelery for my family that I never would of thought of & ultimately fell in love with every piece she has created for us.  I would and have recommended Janna to all of my friends and family.  I love her knowledge and honesty when it comes to purchasing a diamond, but mostly I appreciate the fantastic customer service we have received from her over the years.  And that is why my husband and I will continue to go to Janna when it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry in the future!"

Jenny and Jason- Lansing, MI


"Janna has been selling me the very best diamond and estate jewelry for a very long time.  I've never been disappointed. It's diamond bliss to work with Janna.  I recommend Janna without hesitation, and consider it a blessing in life  to know her.  I know Janna, and her family, and can assure you, the reader, that she is the absolute best broker in fine jewelry you will ever find."  

Suzanne, Solana Beach, CA
February 19, 2010