Blue Sapphire & Diamond "Mariner" Earrings


These are the Blue Sapphire & Diamond "Mariner" Earrings featured in our Earth Collection.

A mariner was a term used to refer to someone who works on a boat or ship, and these beautiful sea inspired earrings are perfect for someone who loves the ocean or sailing. 

Most people are unaware that almost all sapphires are heated at extremely high temperatures to "enhance" their color and clarity. But these beauties are all natural and therefore have a stunning light blue almost periwinkle coloring.

These are a White Gold Earring Set with 5.09ctw Pair of Natural Unheated Bluish Violet Emerald Cut Sapphires GIA #2175589013,

Pair of Trapezoid Diamonds weighing 0.80ct H/VS2,


Half Moon diamonds weighing 0.69ctw F/VS1

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